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Felicia Terlecki

HI I'M Felicia! I'm fortunate to run a business in an industry that I'm truly passionate about, Personal Development. 

 After 20 years of working in Corporate America, I was mentally exhausted, yearning for change, and searching for authenticity and alignment with the person I really am. In the process, what I found was a business that I fell in love with. I have work/life balance with flexibility to spend time with loved ones and enjoy things that I am passionate about, while creating a life full of abundance and prosperity for myself and others. The feeling of authentically creating  your life's goals into reality just can’t be replaced! With the community and support of this company, I am appreciative to have found me again! 

Our business allows us to live where we choose to live, travel and explore the world in a way that I only could have dreamed about.  I am happy to say that I have turned that dream into reality. I have traveled the world while doing my business! I love to travel. Check out my facebook page and see what I am up to now. 

Along with traveling, and personal development, my other passion is dance. I love dancing and get to do it in my spare time, as well as market to people in my business that enjoy the same passions.









Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and woman who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

"I saw capable women losing their jobs through “downsizing” and I didn’t want that to be me, so I took matters into my own hands. When looking for opportunity, I was  introduced to this business by Felicia Terlecki, who is my mentor and friend.  Her passion and guidance is paramount to my success. Felicia really “cares” about me being successful and it shows. Thank you Felicia, you have changed me life.  ".

Susan Brent,  Colorado USA

"Felicia is a true leader.  She tells it like it is and helps me to see
Things that I need to see that always allow me to improve . She is passionate about helping her team achieve success, and in a rare blend of big personality and heartfelt authenticity, she walks the talk and practices what she teaches.  I am proud to walk with her, as a guide on this journey of personal and financial liberty

Anthony Penzerella,  Pennsylvania USA

My last day of Corporate America at my VP's desk! I definitely took my situation as an opportunity. Mindset is so key!! 

Now I get to work where ever I want. I love that I can work and travel with my business! This pic is me showing off my dancing skills on the Ferry from Phi Phi Island to Phuket, Thailand

My team member, Susan, and I decided to Sling Shot ourselves into the air in Australia. A bonding moment  that represented the leap of faith we took to come onto this business and create the lives we wanted! 

Fun times with a great team of people in New Zealand. This business attracts people that are BIG thinkers!

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A bit about our products....

Most of us are not taught the skills that bring us deep, ongoing satisfaction and joy in life. Personal Development is all about developing those basic skills that allow us to live BIG and create a joyful, successful, prosperous life with deeper meaning in every aspect of it.

We offer a line of award winning products that are recognized within the industry as being some of the finest. People who use our products find that they experience a transformation in many parts of their lives: relationships, finances, sense of purpose and health.

Whether you are interested in becoming a consumer of the products for your own personal growth and development or would like to build a fun, rewarding and lucrative home business around our unique product line, please send your details above to learn more! 

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